Hotel Orenlla Bellaria Igea Marina a due passi dalle grandi spiagge e dal viale che porta in centro.


Cucina curata e tradizionale

The design challenge involved rethinking the existing façade, improving the convoluted interior layout, and enriching each space with finely crafted materials. We were required to reuse the existing footprint, while raising the top of foundation walls to exceed new flood regulations. Innovative materials were used to produce an energy efficient thermal envelope and contemporary yet contextually appropriate facades.

What We Do

Design Studio is an architectural and urban design practice with an international reputation for design quality, for pioneering environmental expertise and a progressive architectural approach.





Practicing at the confluence of art, architecture, and building technology, we collaborate with clients to create buildings and environments in dialogue with culture and place.


Greenwich Modern

Empty-nesters purchased a 1960s ranch, imagining its transformation into an innovative, light-filled, and efficient modern home where they would retire. They sought a simpler lifestyle, where they could inhabit a single floor, entertain informally, and experience the wooded and rocky landscape from within the home.

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